Saturday 21st November

10:00pm – 12am ABC Classic FM Physical Meets Virtual
Australian Music Month Live Broadcast From Studio 227

Nigel Helyer: Biologging_Retrofit (NSW) [10:00]
Mitchell Mollison: “Submersed and Disintegrating” Laptop, Controllers, Field Recordings (Vic) [10:00]
Eve Klein: “Counting 2015” Voice and Electronics (Qld) [6:00]
Brigid Burke: “Instinct and Episodes” For Bass Clarinet, Live Electronics (Vic) [9:00]
Michael Terren: “Thru” Stereo Diffusion (WA) [9:30]
Michael Atherton and Jon Drummond: “Electroflorescent” Hurdy Gurdy and Live Sound Processing (NSW) [10:00]
Cat Hope: “Signals Directorate” Bass Clarinet (Lindsay Vickery), Double Bass (Mark Cauvin) and Electronics (WA) [6:00]
Ros Bandt: “Medea” Tarhu and Live Electronics (Vic) [14:00]